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Optional Extras

Little extras like this really make your camper your own and give you the functionality that works for you. The best time to install extras like these is at the time of conversion but they can also be retrofitted to an existing conversion.

Passenger and Driver Swivel Seats

The perfect addition to your side conversion, or bespoke camper, the driver and or passenger swivel seats turns your camper into a proper lounge....

 Available for - VW - Toyota Alphard - Mazda Bongo - Ford Freda - Nissan Elgrand - Nissan NV 200 - Mercedes Vito - Toyota ProAce - Citroën Dispatch -

Driver and Passenger Swivel Seats.webp

A must for all Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda fitted with a Rear Conversion , the Northstar Conversion Middle Swivel Bench will give you flexibility and practicality

Mazda Bongo Middle Swivel Bench.webp
Solar Panel

110 Watts semi-flexible Solar Panel, fit on top of your roof, including elevating and Hitop roofs. Providing 12 volts electricity to your camper, it will also keep your main battery topped up.

Sola Panel
Custom Fitted Windows

 Get in touch with us to discuss our custom fitted windows which can provide light and air flow into the back of pretty much any van you throw at us!

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