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Nissan Elgrand

Drivelodge Elevating Roof

Drivelodge Logo.png

Northstar Conversions has been an accredited  Drivelodge Elevating Roof fitter since 2013

The advantages of having an Elevating roof

1- Extra space

2- Extra Headroom

3- Extra Sleeping Space

4- Still around the 2m mark

Optional Extras

  • Coloured Canvas (our standard canvas is Cinder Grey)

  • Veltrimed Bed Boards (18mm ply) + Rails in Beige or Grey Veltrim or

  • Push up Roof bed on gas struts

  • Colour coding

  • 100 W Semi- Flexible Solar Panel

  • Permanent Awning Rail

  • Roof bars and rail system

Technical information

  • Roof shell made out of GRP in a choice of colours - White - Black - Dark Grey - Light Grey

  • Possibility to Colour Code

  • Cinder Grey Cotton Canvas

  • Fabsealing of the canvas

  • includes 1 window on zip with mesh each side of the tent letting in light -

  • Window at the front of canvas - in Plastic

  • Additional Air vent on Velcro at the top of the canvas tent

  • Finished in Light or Beige Grey Veltrim

  • 2 LED roof lights (on switch)

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